Anti Aging & Wrinkles


With time, the epidermis and dermis become atrophic and surface wrinkles become evident. Collagen of the dermis becomes fragmented and brittle and elastic fibres are clumped and degraded. Epidermal pigmentation becomes irregular (excessive and reduced). Pores become larger and oil glands overgrow. These changes are accelerated by ultraviolet light exposure, oxidative and environmental stressors and dryness.

Correction of these abnormalities is possible with maximal ultraviolet light filtration, generous use of stably formulated, deeply penetrating antioxidants and regular use of retinol (to slow down epidermal turnover, promote UV-induced DNA repair, produce epidermal thickening and normalize basal layer pigmentation).  The challenging aspect of any anti-aging formulation relates to the tendency for thin, aged and sun damaged skin to be easily irritated by traditional anti-aging cosmeceutical ingredients. The anti-aging formulations from Revoderm Pharma have been engineered to be highly efficacious and well-tolerated.

Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Solutions

For most individuals, the optimal anti-aging routine includes

Immuvex organic sunscreen – This is critical to prevent all signs of skin aging.

Intense Hydration Serum – Hyaluronic acid based humectant serum to address oxidative stress in the skin and help restore epidermal barrier.

Illuminous Antioxidant Serum – laden with resveratrol, an “ultrapotent” antioxidant and anti-proliferative natural grape extract. Also contains peptide fragments (including copper tripeptide) which penetrate through the epidermis to the dermis to encourage production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Ascorbyl & Retinyl Palmitate are added to slow down epidermal turnover and upregulating DNA-repair enzymes so that UV-induced DNA damage can be repaired.

Revoderm Retinol  – helps slow down epidermal turnover and reduce excess oil production in the skin. In addition, topical retinoids decrease production of excessive pigmentation within the epidermis. Retinoids help undo DNA damage caused by ultraviolet light and are thought to help prevent skin cancer formation.

Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Solutions

Real Clients – Real Results


This female patient was concerned with wrinkles and fine around her eyes. Dramatic results that can be seen after 4 weeks.

Her treatment plan included:

  • Intense Hydration Serum
  • EyeLytle Complex

The results speak for themselves.


Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Products

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    Advanced Scar Gel

    $59.00 An innovative medical grade silicone to help moisturize the skin, leaving it soft to reduce surgical, keloid and acne scars, burns and laser resurfacing scar damage.
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    $99.00 A breakthrough night cream formula to fade dark spots, correct and repair skin tone, lighten and brighten skin and reduce and prevent all types of pigmentation.
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    Intense Hydration Serum

    $98.00 Our unique antioxidant rich formula of hyaluronic acid and green tea provides intense hydration to restore, penetrate deep, replenish, adds fullness and volume.