As with sunscreen, effective filtration of the entire ultraviolet light spectrum is essential for lips. This is especially true since lips, unlike skin, have essentially no UV-filtering melanin pigment. Thus, lips that have seen years of ultraviolet light are thinned, cracked, dry and volume depleted.

The Revoderm EclipsTM solution uses natural non-nano zinc oxide which provides long-lasting blockade of the full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. This minimizes the risk of sunburn and accelerated photo-aging and helps protect the volume and moisture of the lips.

Lip Care Solutions

The Revoderm EclipsTM lip sunscreen is intended to be used with Revoderm Immuvex sunscreen. These should be reapplied after every several hours. Mid day sun exposure is ideally minimized and the Revoderm team encourages the use of broad brimmed hats and UV-filtering clothing. After sun exposure, we recommend the use of Multivitamin moisturizer and Illuminous TM antioxidant serum (to help combat any UV-induced free radical injury). The full routine includes:

  • Tinted mineral sunscreen or Natural Organic Mineral sunscreen for the face
  • Natural Organic Mineral sunscreen for the body
  • Revoderm EclipsTM sunscreen for the lips
  • Hydrating lip balm for moisture
Lip Care eclips Sunscreen (Sunburn Protection) |

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ECLIPS™ SPF Organic Lip Sunscreen


ECLIPS lip sunscreen with natural zinc helps protect from damaging UVA/UVB rays

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Real Clients – Real Results


After a consultation and using the recommended product the patient had dramatic results that can be seen from the before and after picture.

Her treatment plan included:

  • Eclips Organic SPF

The results speak for themselves.

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