Retinol - Questions & Answers

The Revoderm Retinol has a unique time release technology which slowly releases active retinol over eight hours. This allows for better epidermal penetration. This technology maximizes efficacy and minimizes irritation.

It is formulated at a prescription level strength, 0.5%, and is combined with vitamins C and E (which act as antioxidants).

We suggest that you use this one or two evenings per week at first. Typically, the skin develops a tolerance to retinol but if it is used too often early on, irritation and peeling can occur.

Yes. It can be combined with other products. Revoderm Intense hydrating serum is commonly combined with Revoderm Retinol. Revoderm Multivitamin moisturizer is can be easily combined with Revoderm Retinol. Both of these regimens minimize the irritating tendency of retinol.

Being a pharmaceutical grade preparation, irritation (redness) and mild scale. The irritation can be mitigated with Revoderm Multivitamin Moisturizer and excess scale can be gently exfoliated with Revoderm TightenUpTM Pumpkin Mask.

The safety of Retinol has not been formally tested in pregnancy and thus it is not recommended.

Any retinol-type product is photolabile – i.e. it is readily broken down by ultraviolet light. Also ultraviolet light with retinol is irritating to the skin (and you are more sunburn prone) and hence it is recommended to use this agent in the evening.

It is excellent for acne, excessive facial oiliness, irregular pigmentation, age spots, epidermal wrinkling and photodamage.