Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a common consequence of chronic sun exposure. It has an irregular, “splotchy” quality and is most pronounced on the skin of the forehead, cheeks, nose and above the upper lip as well as on the backs of the hands and forearms. This type of sun damage can be produced by low intensity sun exposure over many years as well as by tanning salons and sun exposure incurred during sunny vacations.

Hyperpigmentation results from excessive production of melanin pigmentation within the basal layer of the epidermis as a response to ultraviolet light. Hyperpigmentation is a notoriously stubborn problem and it is one of the most commonly cited cosmetic concerns. Although laser therapy can help clear excessive pigmentation, topical therapy is usually necessary topical to help clear and prevent this problem.

Pigmentation & Sunspot Solutions

The Revoderm hyperpigmentation regimen is highly effective for clearing and preventing the common problem of hyperpigmentation. The basic principles are blockade of offending ultraviolet-A radiation, exfoliation of excessive pigmentation and safe bleaching. The system is gentle, well tolerated and simple to use. It can be part of a routine that includes laser or it can be used as a “stand alone” approach. Of note, we recommend that you are assessed by a physician to ensure that there are no medically concerning pigmented lesions before embarking on any hyperpigmentation therapy. The Revoderm hyperpigmentation regimen consists of:

  • Immuvex Sunscreen. Formulated with high concentration of micronized, non-nano-zinc oxide. Critical to block out offending ultraviolet-A radiation that causes skin hyperpigmentation. This helps prevent recurrence of pigmentation.
  • BrightenUp skin bleach cream. Contains 2% hydroquinone in a unique trans-epidermal carrier system to help deliver active ingredients to the basal layer of the epidermis.
  • Revoderm Retinol Night cream. Helps exfoliate excessive epidermal pigmentation and undo DNA damage to keratinocytes.
  • Illuminous Antioxidant serum: Works in conjunction with retinol to help with melanin exfoliation.

Real Clients – Real Results


This patient has had a dramatic improvement of pigmentation and pore size after using Revoderm products for a month.

Her treatment plan included:

  • Illuminous Antioxidant Serum
  • Retinol Night 0.5% Cream
  • BrightenUp
  • Organic Mineral Sunscreen SPF 32

The results speak for themselves.

Pigmentation & Sunspot Products

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    Retinol 0.5% Night Cream

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