Never Tested On Animals & Our Focus On The Environment

Some skin care companies promote their products with claims such as “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” in their labeling or advertising. The unrestricted use of these phrases by skin care companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms. Revoderm Pharma is committed to providing the best cruelty-free skin care products available.


Packaging…It’s ubiquitous, on almost everything we buy. Each year packaging waste grows along with the growth in consumption and less than half of our post-consumer packaging is recycled. Excessive packaging has disastrous consequences for our planet, including the loss of precious resources, excessive consumption of water and energy, and extraction of scarce land for landfill which encroaches on our wild spaces, soil and air pollution. Litter is also pervasive. It’s an eyesore and a direct threat to our health and even life for many creatures. Packaging litter that enters our waterways has significant effects on marine species, with reports of whales and dolphins choking on bits of plastic containers and turtles being strangled by bags.

Revoderm Pharma has made a concerted effort to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment, We have reduced packaging while maintaining the product’s integrity and consumer appeal. This approach will make a significant difference to the amount of rubbish going to landfills.

Our aim is to a provide top grade pharmaceutical skin care product line for everyone with the highest level of integrity in our products

– Revoderm Pharma CEO’s –