Hair loss is a very common concern for women and men. Most hair loss is non scarring and thus there is the potential for regrowth (as compared with scarring hair loss, which is permanent). The most common types of hair loss are androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium. Unfortunately, topical medications such as minoxidil are not highly efficacious.

Fortunately, very good topical therapies without any significant side effects are now available. The Revoderm Pharma hair regrowth system is effective, non-irritating, non-greasy and is easy to use. It is based on natural compounds (Biochanin-A and acetyl tetrapeptide-3) that help tightly anchor existing hair to follicles and to stimulate regrowth

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The Revoderm hair regrowth system contains delicate, non-irritating cleansers and conditioning compounds. It can be used as a “stand-alone” system during the period of hair loss reversal. Panthenol, a natural provitamin B5 compoound is added to the system as it is a natural humectant-type moisturizer that helps expand the hair shaft, thereby producing fuller, thicker and healthier appearing hair. The system includes:

  • Shampoo – gentle, non-irritating to scalps with thin hair
  • Conditioner – promotes volume restoration to hair shafts
  • Rapid Regrowth Serum – concentrated, medical grade Biochanin A and Acetly Tetrapeptid -3 to promote regrowth and firmly anchor hair to the scalp.

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Real Clients – Real Results


This male patient had concerns about hair loss and it was recommended he use Hair Regrowth Technology. Over a period of four weeks the patient had dramatic results that can be seen from the before and after picture.

His treatment plan included:

  • Regrowth Shampoo
  • Regrowth Vitamin Conditioner
  • Regrowth Serum

The results speak for themselves.

The Revoderm Hair Regrowth System is based on Red Clover extract and Acetyl-tetrapeptide-3. Biochanin A is the active component within Red Cover extract. It is a very potent and natural inhibitor of 5 ? reductase (both type I and type II), one of the main biochemical abnormalities of nonscarring hair loss. Acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 is a small peptide complex that upregulates extracellular matrix proteins and thus fragile hair shafts are more readily anchored to the scalp and anre less shed prone. Acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 has been shown to be superior to minoxidil in ex vivo testing. In addition, Acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, helping to treat the white blood cell inflammation that is associated with non-scarring hair loss.

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