how you react on prescription medication & much more…

Genetic test takes guesswork out of prescriptions

Some people are simply more affected by certain medicines than others.

Some excrete certain drugs more slowly than others, meaning that levels of that medicine can build up in the body over time.

This means that a dose that suits one person could be too much (or too little) for someone else.

Unless you’ve been prescribed the drug and suffered an unpleasant reaction which can then be recorded in your medical records for future reference, you may never know.

Now there is a simple genetic test that can help your doctor determine which drugs and doses are right for you.

It starts with a painless cheek swab and the swabs are then sent to our genetic testing laboratory to determine your unique drug-processing genetic characteristics.

Revoderm's specialists will receive a report with your results and detailed recommendations for possible changes to your drug regimen or dosages. The results will improve the effectiveness of the medications you take and drastically reduce negative side effects and drug reactions. This test will also provide information so you can avoid buying and using drugs that won’t work for you.

Our specialists will help you understand the results of your genetic test and the medications you should avoid.

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