DNA Testing

DNA testing empowers you with personalized skin care treatment options and dietary micronutrient recommendations based on your genetic profile. 

For some clients, the results of their genetic tests can seem complex, and even a little worrisome. Our dermatologist is a certified specialist in Laboratory Medicine (board certified in Canada and the USA) and has practiced this area of medicine since 1999. He is also a certified Genetics Counsellor. We will provide guidance, support and practical lifestyle advice to ensure you minimize potential impact of inherited risks.


Collect your DNA with a cheek swab.


We analyze your sample and build your genetic profile.


Read your results and begin your journey.


Book your consultation with a professional.

Your DNA Will Guide You

Discover your blueprint BE PROACTIVE with your skin and health. No more GUESSING or CONFUSION anymore, learn about your disposition for:



Find your perfect skin care line and routine



Find vitamin deficiencies in your body



Find out your genetic diet plan



Which food you can’t metabolize



 How to lose weight fast



Look for cancer causing changes in certain genes



How you react on prescription medication & more…

Your DNA is your blueprint. It is your “molecular signature” and it is what makes you and your health care needs unique. Your unique DNA is the reason why a “one size fits all” approach to your health and your skin is not optimal.

Revoderm is proud to announce that individual genetic testing - over 7O genetic markers - is now available for a comprehensive overview for your skin health. We will provide you with a personalized, confidential report of your predisposition to skin aging, sensitivity, dryness, skin allergy, oxidation and individual nutritional needs. With these test results, we can help personalize your very own skin care and nutritional regimen.

Your DNA testing results will influence your skin care choice for your entire life. A swab gently exfoliates cells from your inner cheek. The DNA from the cells is extracted and the genes are analyzed for known mutations. This process takes up to one month and the results are absolutely confidential. Your individualized treatment plan is then formulated and can be reviewed with the team at Revoderm.

Although the results of DNA testing may seem complicated, the team at Revoderm Pharma is more than able to answer any questions that arise as a result of this testing.


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Where science meets Health

Quit the guessing game today, and unlock your unique genetic blueprint today with Revoderm's DNA genetic testing. This test holds the answers to how your body responds to the world around you, as well as well as how your body responds to what you put inside you. By knowing more about your DNA, it will give you the ability to take the appropriate steps towards living a healthier lifestyle that is fit just for you.

* Our health professionals keep in my that some of the conditions and traits may be influenced by multiple factors, and therefore are intended for informational purposes only and not to diagnose any disease.

What does DNA help you see?

• Plan for the future: Knowing if you are a carrier for certain inherited conditions, can help you and your family be more prepared.  
• Stay ahead: Find out if you are at risk for certain health conditions, so that you can make appropriate lifestyle choices in order to monitor your health.  
• Understand your health care:  Understanding your DNA , so you and your doctor can make more informed decisions.
• Health for you: learn how you body reacts to certain foods, and exercise, so you can create a diet and lifestyle that is fit for you.

A good diet isn’t always the right diet!

We all respond differently to what surrounds our bodies as well as what we put in our bodies. By analysing and understanding your genetic markers we can find the diet that is right for you!