Pharmaceutical Grade Treatment Based Product Line

Innovation in Skin Care

We have developed a complete skin care product line. For improvement of fine lines and anti-aging as well as for the treatment of skin conditions from severe acne, hyper pigmentation and rosacea. Through to our Scar Gel to dramactically heal scar tissue.

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Common Skin Concerns

Acne & Blemishes

Are you troubled with acne and blemishes? We have a range of formulated acne products to effectively manage acne from mild to severe cases, learn more here

Pigmentation / Sunspots

Are you affected by hyperpigmentation (sunspots)? Commonly related to chronic sun exposure. Learn how our products effectively treat pigmentation and sunspots

Rosacea / Redness

Do you experience facial redness, dilated capillaries and acne-type breakouts? Our approach to rosacea management is highly effective, learn more about rosacea

Anti-Aging & Wrinkles

We have a range of anti-aging and wrinkle reducing products formulated to be highly effectively, discover more about our anti-aging and wrinkle product range

Keratosis Pilaris / Ingrown Hair

Our formulated skin care products are very effective against keratosis pilaris (ingrown hairs and acne-type lesions), are you affected? Learn how we can help.

Skin Recovery / Exfoliation

Our clinically formulated non-irritating masks, scrubs and creams (Retinol) are developed to exfoliate and assist in skin recovery for various skin concerns

Scar Removal

Our Advanced Scar Gel is dermatologist developed and an ultra-refined medical grade silicone formula that is very effective is healing new and old scar tissue

Sun Protection

UV protection is important to prevent skin cancer and aging of the skin, discover our chemical-free micronized zinc oxide sunscreens and our zinc oxide lip balm

Lip Care

Protecting your lips is important, especially for thinned, cracked, dry and volume depleted lips. Starts protecting your lips with the right lip care solutions

Hair Loss / Hair Regrowth

Hair loss (hair thinning) is very common. We have a very effective 3 step hair regrowth system that maximizes hair regrowth producing fuller thicker hair.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase and we stand by the quality of our products, please contact us with any issue you have for a prompt resolution.


Our Science

Revoderm skin care products are pharmaceutical grade “cosmeceuticals”, a fusion of laboratory medicine and clinical dermatology to produce the ultimate skin care collection.

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For All Skin Types

All our products are safe for all skin types. We offer a free 30 minute in-house consultation, phone and email support to assist with finding the right products  to address your concerns.