Our Story – Creating The Ultimate Skin Care Products

Revoderm Pharma represents the fusion of Clinical Dermatology with Laboratory Medicine. It is the result of five years of research and engineering and is the ultimate cosmeceutical skin care line.

Revoderm was co-founded by Dr. Ken Alanen and Ildikó Juhasz. Dr. Alanen is triple certified in Dermatology, Dermatopathology and Laboratory Medicine and has a background in molecular biology. Revoderm is the obvious natural extension of this training and experience. For the last decade, his clinical practice has been devoted to cosmetic dermatology, acne as well as the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of skin cancer. He has a busy Mohs’ Skin cancer surgery practice in Calgary, Alberta. Ildikó Juhasz is a highly renowned cosmetic and laser therapist, with an emphasis on laser therapy and developing individualized cosmeceutical regimens. She has treated thousands of patients and does so with characteristic European flair. The chance meeting of these two professionals with remarkably complementary backgrounds has resulted in Revoderm.

As a dedicated cosmetic and laser therapist for a leading dermatology clinic, Ildikó is guided by a passion to ensure patients achieve optimal skin health. For over 10 years, Ildiko has helped thousands of patients address their skin concerns. Ildikó’s daily contact with her patients enabled her to amass a wealth of information on what skin care products worked, and didn’t work as well for addressing skin concerns.

Driven to bridge this gap to offer a complete solution to offer patients only the best possible skin care treatments, Ildikó joined forces with renowned dermatologist Dr. Ken Alanen to create Revoderm. Revoderm is a comprehensive line of medical grade skin care products, using the healthiest formulations and ingredients to promote and create healthier skin.

Everyone’s skin is unique. Revoderm offers a personalized skin care regimen to help individuals achieve their goals. From acne to scar reduction, and everything in between, Revoderm represents years of practical experience, research and hands-on feedback to ensure the most effective results are realized for addressing imperfect skin. Revoderm, corrects and addresses various skin conditions to restore its health, vitality and beauty, empowering individuals to look and feel their best. Discover this revolutionary product line and ask your medical professional more about Revoderm – beautiful skin, restored.

Our fusion of dermatology with laboratory medicine has resulted in a range of skin care products designed to treat a range of skin concerns

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